Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just add: Friends & Cozy Lighting

         From House&Home magazine.

         From Domino Magazine

Right now I just want to go back in time (or forward to another time?) when I'm with my friends, cooking appetizers and drinking wine and friendly (but loudly) bickering about something. Mainly Dordt gossip if I had my way right now. Honestly..I miss it.

We would make:
-nachos x10
-fried zucchini
-probably some mushrooms (but I would just look at them. I bet they are good though..if you like mushrooms.)

Ok I've been away too long that I can't remember what else we usually make! Refresh my know who you are.

Also, pick what your favorite kitchen/dining room is (all of you) and tell me in the comments!

PS. Value Village is still overpriced.


  1. Isn't it nice!

    Here is a link to a few more pictures from that apartment: