Wednesday, April 7, 2010

100 Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own: Part 1

I recently went to a consignment store that had a printed list of "100 Pieces Every Stylish Women Must Own" on the counter.  It looks like it was scanned and printed from the 2001 Vancouver Sun Newspaper, but after doing a quick read through I found that quite a few of the items could be classic pieces (there are still a few randoms in there...
                    "Leather pants: buy tight - they'll stretch)"

Anyways, I'll show 10 at a time (and compare it to my wardrobe..and recent trends)  Please note, I did not write this list! Found here, but don't peek ahead!
(Quotes straight from the article are in italics)

1. A-Line Dress (be bold in a bright pattern)
Is this still relevant? I had to google this..I'm trying to find a recent picture of someone wearing one.  I guess I thought this was reserved more for wedding dress styles..I can't find any in my closet, maybe you have one? Show!

2. Animal Print (try as an accessory!)
Newspaper article trust me, I'm trying!! I have had leopard print flats on my "want" list for a while, but now that its becoming spring, I might wait until Fall again?  Ok wait, just checked, I do have some leopard prints floating around my closet..

(No, I haven't worn that coat out in public, and no I don't wear all these prints together.)

And these sandals, although they might qualify more as a "reptile" print..
3. Ankle Bootie (for pants or skirts)
Personal choice: I don't really wear heels and if my ankles were covered up my legs would look just a leeetle more stumpy, so I avoid! But I do like how they look on others.

4. Aviators (classic sunglasses)
I think owning aviators from Old Navy kind of brings the "cool factor" down a bit, but I do love my aviators.  Although in some pictures they appear ok, other pics they appear more..well, look at the picture.   See how far away from my head they go!
                  "Oh hi, I have circle rimmed sunglasses."

5. Ballet Flat (simple flat shoes)
Yep, always a classic. My current favorite are a cognac pair from Target.
6. Bangles (pile on these bracelets)
I have three. One pink one, it's pretty with a skirt, but bordering on barbie-ish.  And two skinny turquoise/green ones.  I just don't wear these on a regular day because I'm working, and if I have to type with a bangle or bracelet on it gets really annoying. Try it.

7. Belts (small or big, they create form)
Agreed! (Love those shoes too..)
                      From Hey Fancy Pants, found via Selective Potential

8. Bikini (keep it basic in solid colours)
Your choice. I wouldn't have counted bathing suits in this list, a bathing suit is a given?

9. BlackBerry (essential for girls on the go)
Although I'm sure this has been updated to an iPhone, I still have the trusty BlackBerry. I'm not really picky about a phone, as long as it texts and calls. (But I wouldn't turn down an iphone?)

10. Black Opaque Tights (as matte as possible)
Also agreed.  I wear these a LOT at the office to make skirts more work friendly, but I also think that being matte, they aren't confused with mom-butts and pantyhose.
Well, that's it! How does your wardrobe stack up to the "Must-Own" List?  Anything you think doesn't belong here?

(Look forward to 100 Pieces: Parts 2 - 10 to follow!)