Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Worst-Holiday-Of-The-Year

I really dislike halloween..the decorations, the music, the themes..I don't mind the parties and the chocolate..but besides that it's all gross. 

Plus half the blogs I read have been talking about "halloween decorations" all month..

Does anyone think that even looks good/fun? 

Ok my opinion is a little harsh.

I DO like hanging out with people at parties though, which also happens on halloween.  So this is my practice costume for tomorrow:

Can you tell what i am being? here are some more funny ideas (that are not slutty, which is hard to find) Also a good blog to read.

PS: I realized that this low quality picture might not be as obvious as i thought. If you can guess what I am being..I will send you a letter in snail-mail. Oui oui!

Some other halloween outfits that fellow friends are being this year:
-A DANGEROUS person (I'll try to get pictures..)
-a-pack of tennis players
-tennis balls
Add yours in the comments, I'm curious!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My closet in 5 years?

I'll need about 50 more pairs of shoes too then..and maybe the bench in a different color.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bar Cart

It's Tuesday night and I thought I'd quickly run out to Salvation Army (Salvation Army because Value Village is officially the most overpriced thrift store..ever.) after being inspired by the girl at (I don't know her..) who is:

-has the best house ever (from the pictures at least..)
-but..also has really different writing style. like..what does this little paragraph from her blog mean?:

"Bravo, Bravo Pink! well played! encore and encore again! and encore again! we're not done here! get back out here Bravo Pink! don't leave the audience angry! you know angry audience = Mob! lets not turn this beautiful debut into the angry mob that overturned your tour bus in the parking lot!"

Yeah..I don't know either.

Anyways, instead of finding clothes like my blog idol; I wandered over to the home decor.  Lately I have been looking through magazines/blogs seeing bar-carts that kept catching my eye, and wanted to put one in the basement to kinda make it cozy.  Some that I have seen around online include:

And then I found this beauty!

My shopping was complete.  Do you like it or am I just fooling myself..

"Bar Cart" -   $4.00 from Salvation Army
Glass Whiskey Holders-in our garage
San Pellagrino bottles - saved from before (because Jess and I could never get the lid off that one night we needed a drink but were too scared to leave the room..)
Books - Film book left behind from Alvin,
             Paris book bought at Chapters for $2.00!

I still have yet to stock it with actual liquor..but then you are invited over! (Admission: 1 bottle of Gew├╝rztraminer)

Well, tomorrow I am taking the red-eye to Iowa to see some great people that I miss A LOT, so right now nothing else matters! (besides doing laundry) I CAN'T WAIT! Have a great night!