Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roadtrip Playlist (to Kelowna)
1. Paul Simon
2. Bon Iver
3. Great Lake Swimmers (Alvin, listen to this! It reminded me of driving in your buick/lincoln)
4. Sarah Harmer
5. Dixie Chicks (don't make fun of whoever picked's not bad? Am I a hick now?)
6. Sarah Slean
7. Anything that didn't skip because our tape player adapter SUCKS

I'll get this out of the way first:

Job Updates
On friday Jessica had 4 people call her for jobs. The verdict:

Superstore - hired, has a shift on Monday (although she's still not sure if she'll take it permanantly)

Fort Langley Campsite - interviewed, found out she would be working weekends and late evenings with kids and it would require her to drive around the campsite in a tractor singing loudly OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM....This job is obviously right up her alley.

Mexx - another folding clothes job, only 4 weeks long though.

Babysitting - For a lady in Abbotsford, only gives one day notice of the next days hours..and when Jessica said she was expecting around 10 dollars, the lady mumbled that she would pay around 8..ish..dollars (which means she was wanting to pay $7.) Does anyone else think 7 dollars an hour for 3 kids, also expecting cleaning, playing etc. is not enough? I know the economy is bad and stuff..but so many jobs are being underpaid! (More on this in the Christina update)

UPDATE: I just applied for a marketing director position. Will keep you updated..

I had just one interview on Friday, the Bread Affair position. I am still really excited about this one, as I still think it's my dream job. The interview started off well as I shook her hand and my belt fell off of me. My interviewer picked it up for me after seeing the 3.99 written on the back, and handed it to me as I put it in my purse..that was super awkward. But then it actually did go well. She was pretty young and seemed nice. The job is basically making it so that people want to come into thier cafe, and actually stay for a while..which is perfect! So, I thought I would go through the pro's and con's so that you guys can help me decide (if I would be offered the job) if I should accept it. Basically there is one con.

-pay's 10-12 DOLLARS AN HOUR! And I would be managing people..and I have a degree and a bazillion loans to pay for! How can I afford this!

-very close to home, like I could walk/bike there.
-was my dream job, and I would enjoy it SO much (I hope!)
-it is organic, local food..and its food!
-so good for the resume, managing people, hiring people, doing inventory, increasing sales.

What do you think? What is your perception of me with a "Food Service Manager" job after college. Or does this not even matter? I want this job so bad! But the only way I can afford it is because I am living at home with parents..but even then..should I wait for a higher paying job?

I hope my next post isn't me saying that they hired someone else.

Ok, onto life outside of JOBS.

My mom, sister and I are in Kelowna right now, visiting my grandparents. (Don't worry, my dad is on a little vacation also in Seattle for a bachelor party for my cousin, golfing/drinking/gambling)

It is actually really relaxing and nice seeing my grandparents again, I feel like I know them way more and way differently than I have before. They are 70 and..65 or something and just seem so young still! We walked in thier house at 8:00 last night to my grandma yelling SUGAR! You guys are early!!! Apparantly the blender on her counter meant that her house was a HUGE mess and she was so embarassed that we were early and had to see the "pig-sty" that she was living in.

My grandma was running late because she forgot her purse in the Costco parking lot and didn't figure it out until she got home. So she drove back to the Costco (this was an hour later) bawling and praying the whole way, and after looking through the bushes (somewhat like a crazy lady), she found it in the buggy! (That is a shopping cart, for you americans) I love hearing my grandma telling stories, she has lots of them, and she's always saying God answers her prayers and is so thankful to God for everything! I need to think this way more. She was very happy that my grandpa didn't get mad/make fun of her for forgetting her purse..seems exactly like something I could say about Paul..which reminds me that my grandpa reminds me of Paul a lot. (Is that weird?) A neighbour came over and immediately he started harassing her (like Paul & Lynda?) and making fun of my grandma (every 5 minutes) for forgetting her purse and wasting gas driving back and forth to Costco (like Paul & I?) Maybe I am the only one that sees the similarities..

Some pictures:

My grandpa is really into genealogy, so he printed off a big family tree for me, I can't wait to put it up in my room! Also, my grandparents gave me this sillouhette that was made for them after they were married. Like their pose?
For Paul! There were 5 of these coming into Kelowna...soo obviously he should have been here.

Glasses all around! I'm wearing moms, Jessica's wearing "hers."
Very flattering picture..BUT it is used to show the size of the wine glasses my grandparents use..this is one of the two that are left from their original set of 4. For some reason my grandma broke the third one last night, right after she drank a glass and proceeded to run downstairs and send us e-mail forwards that she thought were funny, and then started yelling at me from downstairs: CHRISTINA, YOU WANNA BUY YOUR DAD SOMETHING!! while she was on the internet..hmm
Jessica and I overlooking Kelowna (it was actually warm)
Cool view point thing
Gr and Gr and us walking.

So, here's what I've learned from this weekend:

-pray more
-appreciate your history!
-eat, (lots, if you're at your grandparents) drink (wine) and be merry!

Hey Jess! It's that guy that was running up the street..

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  1. Lady, I knew about the Great Lake Swimmers since before that drive back from Le Mars when you and Paul were in the backseat. BEFORE that! They are really sweet, and I bet they'd be better in a Builincoln... a Lincuick?

    Your belt fell off? Isn't a belt's primary function to... keep your clothes on?

    Ask the notions about getting a raise - if the interview did go well, I imagine you could speak honestly with her and explain your situation. This IS the job that you've been talking about since before that drive back from Le Mars (before!) so let her know about all the ideas you have and make sure she knows how enthusiastic you are about it.

    Your grandparents are HILARIOUS.