Monday, January 10, 2011

Things I buy at thrift stores that I don't use.

This post was written probably about a year ago, yet it still rings true for me! No, I haven't learned to restrict what I buy..

Typical Situation:
You're in the local thrift store that you go to every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday) and it happens again..

You see something that you will NEVER use or wear, but its just so cheap and/or pretty!

My latest examples:

1. Vintage Valentino Brogues
Because..they are Valentino! So what if they are a size 5 and I am a size 9....9.5.

2. Laptop bag (and many other purses)
It said Vancouver on it..and that's basically my hometown, so I had to buy it!

3. Vintage plates for our wedding

Thought Process:
Yaaaayyy!! I'm engaged, let's have a sweet wedding where we buy all vintage, pretty plates, and then sell them and make ALL my money back.

Actual Outcome:
Buy 22 plates..some cute, some 70's brown kitchen plates...I give up.

Update: returned ALL 22 plates to a thrift store. And come to think of it, we didn't even use plates at our wedding! Oh well..

But even after going through it all..I'm still glad I bought it all!
(Except..maybe those plates, I really didn't need those.)

Do you ever run into the buy-and-never-use predicament?


  1. it's so hard when thrifting or discount shopping! my biggest problem is buying homewares that aren't my style. they may be great pieces + a good deal, but i the end, they don't fit with the asthetic i'm aiming for in my own home. this usually happens with things that fall under "cute". irresistible but so not my home decor style.

  2. My latest thrift problem is buying things that don't fit me, and little things for around the house when we really we just need a coffee table..or seating.

    I am trying to make February a no-thrift store shopping month in hopes that I will be "better" at it in March.

  3. you should sell all of these things on your etsy now!!